Event Staff Online Mission Statement

There is a great deal of cash that changes hands during a major event. People come to an event to have a good time, and spending money for the entertainment value of attending the event is accepted. People buy food and drink and they also want to take a memento home with them. They may also buy items as gifts for family and friends. Some even have standing orders from friends to bring back an imprinted item from the event.

From the side of the promoter there is money to be made, but there is also a good deal of expense. There is the cost of promoting the event. There is the cost of entertainment. There is the cost of licenses and permits for the event. There is the cost of event merchandise. There are often costs for tents and facilities to handle the extra traffic. There is the expense of the staff needed to service the crowd.

The event promoter must maximize his income from the event. Before he gets paid there are a lot of hands held out in his direction. Experienced workers can make the difference between a loss or just breaking even and putting some money in the promoters pocket.

An event is a hectic time. There is not time to train staff. In order to maximize return the operation must operate at peak efficiency. The workers must be able to handle high volume for extended periods of time. Everyone needs to know their job and do that job with minimum supervision.

There are many people that have worked events. Some work events locally but would be open to travel to work other events. There are workers that follow the various circuits to work the events. They know what it takes to work a major event and they thrive on the lifestyle.

Event Staff Online is intended to be a hub to bring together experienced event workers with event promoters.

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