We are Living in Challenging Times

The economy is in turmoil. It is important for promoters to maximize the income from the events that they promote. There are experienced workers available in many areas. For the promoter the sensible thing is to hire experienced workers that know how to produce in a high volume environment. For the experienced worker it makes sense to make yourself available to work more events. This will maximize your income and help out a lot in these times.

Event Staff Online is here to help you staff your event!

An event has a limited duration be it a day, a week, or a month. There are many expenses involved with production and promotion for an event. You need experienced staff in all areas to maximize your return on the investments into the event. 

That is where Event Staff Online comes in. We provide an online listing of workers that are experienced in event work. They know that the schedule can be hectic, but they are ready to help make your event a success.

Experienced Event Workers

If you have experience working events in any capacity we invite you to submit your information for a free listing to: listings@eventstaffonline.com   

You will need to provide contact information at the least. It would be good to provide a picture or pictures as well. You should state your experience and you should state your geographic area of operation. If you have a website or web page we will provide a link to your location.

If there is interest I could put up a forum on this space that would allow members to discuss the various events. The forum could allow you to tell others about good or bad events. It could also allow members to voice their opinions about the best and worst places to work.

I have added a comment box to the site. Please leave feedback in the comment box. What do you think would make this site better?

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