The Detail Work of an Event

There are various things that will need to be done to prepare for a major event. There may be site plans required and vendor space to be sold. There also may be some landscaping or construction that needs to be done to the property in preparation for the event.

There are circuit workers available that will be willing to pick up some extra hours pre and post event to take care of these details. Some of the people that work in other areas during the event may also want the additional work.

If a worker specializes in this sort of work we will provide a listing page. We also intend to list workers that will take this work but have a primary listing in one of the other areas on the site. We will link from these listed names to their Event Staff page.

If you would like to be listed or have a page in this section contact us at:

Do you know someone who would like to do this?

Will you tell them about this site?

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