What is this Event Staff Online site?

Event Staff Online is a referral service for experienced workers and support staff for the event industry. We will list people who work in any phase of the event industry. If you don't see a section devoted to your specialty let us know and we will add a section. If you know the name of the person for whom you are looking use the direct links to the left to go directly to their contact page. If you are looking for staff in general there is an index page for each section.

Why Event Staff Online

This site exists to put event organizers and venue operators in touch with experienced event workers. We will be starting with bartenders and sound and lighting production, but plan to add sections for barbacks, parking personnel, security personnel, and administrative assistance. For your entertainment needs I will list some agencies and acts that you could contact. I will also devote a section to vendors.

About the Staff Listings

My primary experience is in the motorcycle rally business. But any sort of event can use experienced staff to make the operation run more smoothly. While I know many of the people listed on these pages, and can recommend them, it is up to the employer to conduct an interview and make the decision to hire the individual. Most of the people listed here are willing to travel for multi-day events if they feel that they can make some money. Many of them would consider a one or two day event if it were within a reasonable distance from their location, or near their route to or from another event that they may be working.

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